TF8T ep#75: DOM (Why WE Are The Chosen People of God)

Dom the Host of the Drayk podcast show. He is a A Sydney Christian podcaster who is vocally fighting to put an end to these unfair church restrictions and government games on our freedom. Something we breakdown further in the episode.

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TIME STAMPS: Dom – Drayk Photography
(0:00) Intro
(1:15) Brian Houston and Hillsong
(6:00) Call to action
(6:40) Exercise your rights – Pastor Victor
(7:40) Confusing compliance rules
(8:25) cut swearing
(8:55) What the churches are doing
(10:40) Mental health
(13:30) Christian faith and following bible
(15:50) Different faiths and ‘chosen people’
(21:30) Messiah not prophet, Biblical scripture
(28:00) Who are the gentiles
(29:19) How did Dom become a ‘Born Again Believer’
(34:00) Idolatry
(37:45) Daily Mail article
(50:00) Responds to comments
TAKE 1 – NSW Cases on the rise, 5:20 (gladys)
TAKE 2: CCP is scared of Christianity
TAKE 3: Escaped snake bites Austrian man on genitals while on the toilet
TAKE 4: Australian Grand Prix cancelled again due to COVID-19

25:15 Dom’s wrap up to Gladys.

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