Dan Andrews

Lachlan Kavanagh Interview

TF8T ep#84: Lachlan Kanvanagh (ANTIFA vs ANTI-FACIST Philosophies)

n this episode, we delve into things such as Common Law and the Magna Carta, two things that Lachlan doesn’t believe have any meaning in today’s society… Almost as if they don’t exist. We have a deep discussion regarding Fascism and Anti-Fascism, we pontificate a universe where Trump and Scott Morrison are good guys working on the same side, and we delve into the idea that we need to get over having the “Land Argument” in Australia. This was a very interesting one.

Anthony Khallouf

TF8T ep#70: ANTHONY KHALLOUF (Australians VS The Agenda)

oday we have a special guest by the name of Anthony Khallouf, Anthony is the founder of AUSTRALIANS VS THE AGENDA. A Newly formed Media Company who’s mission is to “help create mass-scale awakening of Australian citizens β€” a fully empowered, conscious and cooperative collective of individuals. We want to help you free your mind from what the Government and the media is trying to make you do.” He is also…