Akashic interview

TF8T ep#85: Akashic Daddy (Spirituality & Satanism VS Christianity & Stoicism)

Today I’m joined by Akashic Daddy, an influencer in Sydney who helps people through a spiritual awakening by making short videos about esoteric and occult knowledge. In this episode, we begin by discussing the Australian rallies and then move into his understanding of The Satanic Bible and other Spiritual Texts before finishing it off with an Astrology reading. We don’t always agree, which makes for a good episode. Hope you enjoy it.

SAM HAFT - Full Interview

TF8T EP65: SAM HAFT (Director of Sydney Actors Association)

Today we are joined by a special guest by the name of SAM HAFT. Sam is an actor, writer and teacher as well as the founding director at the Sydney Actors Association. He is passionate about “all things arts with a dash of science and a liberal sprinkling of common sense”. He likes travelling, composing, playing music and is not necessarily a Biden supporter but believes anything other than Trump is at least a bonus.

BITE-SIZE-EP.2_Burger Patch

BITE SIZE ep 2 – Burger Patch

In this episode i check out Burger Patch, as requested by @lifeandtimesofadam who posted in the comments; “Burger patch Chatswood, best burgers in Sydney”. When i replied and said best burgers, are you sure… he then doubled down and was extremely admit that this is the place that would break the 7.0. So here it is…