In this episode @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 welcomes @MEGSANDIFORD and @EBANYKENDALL who has kindly filled in Lyalls spot for this Episode. The girls are from the ‘NEW VIBE’ podcast that is joining FIVE8DIGITAL and will soon be part of the FIVE8.TV platform. @MEGSANDIFORD is an artists who has decided to study Law. She is extremely passionate about people and the ida of perception which we break down further in this episode. @EBANYKENDALL we will have in another episode also for an interview and you guys will see a lot of the girls in future as we look to build out this network and you the #FIVE8TROOPS.

Episode Transcript:

Episode 40: New Vibe ft. Ebany Kendall & Meg Sandiford.

Beginning of the episode DIOGOTHEFIVE8 introduces the Guest that he is having on THE FIVE8 TAKE. Followed by TF8T intro.

After the Intro @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 explains what the podcast will be about. He then asks Meg Sandiford, what she is doing on her phone. @MEGSANDIFORD responds by saying she is doing an Instagram post which @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 then says “Get it girl!”, supporting @MEGSANDIFORD and her Instagram post.

TIME: 00:58

@EBANYKENDALL brings up the story of her going to the Music store because @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 asked for a Microphone XLR Cable. @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 then makes a joke of how long the cable she got was.

TIME: 01:53

@DIOGOTHEFIVE8 discusses the new set that was setup for this particular episode and why the set was changed for this ‘NEW VIBE’ cross over podcast.

TIME: 02:53

@EBANYKENDALL discusses the new Painting on the wall by Michael Fisher. They then discuss his work and the brief history of how his paintings got international recognition in the 1970’s and why he is such a prolific painter. @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 also mentions that he is “Obsessed” with trying to get the real version of the painting, which he knows will cost a pretty penny. He also expresses his love for Michael Fishers work. 

TIME: 03:40

@DIOGOTHEFIVE8 asks @MEGSANDIFORD if she paints. @MEGSANDIFORD replies with an excited yes. She then describes an art, oil and acrylic, series that she is working on at the minute – she says thee series is about peoples relationship/perception and experiences with GOD to analyse the commonality. Understand how different cultures connect with GOD and trying to bring that out in a painting.

 @EBANYKENDALL then goes on to discuss an elephant analogy. In which @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 then makes an inappropriate joke as he normally does. The girls then also give it to him. Then @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 takes it too far.

TIME 6:55

@EBANYKENDALL asks “Why is it acceptable for guys to masturbate but it’s shunt for women?” – then then start to break down the stereotypes of masturbation. In Which @EBANYKENDALL then brings up which @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 thought was a porn site “How have I never heard of this, I thought I knew all the porn sites.” But the girls quickly clear that up and let him know that is a site to purchase sex toys. @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 then asks “What Porn Site Do you guys go on?”

TIME: 9:08

They go back to discussing Michael Fisher and paintings. @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 explains the connection between the way Michael Fisher and Kanye, how Kanye West sees colours when he plays music.

TIME: 10:30: Synaesthesia

@MEGSANDIFORD then explains what that is (Synaesthesia) and explains that she has that too. She then goes on further in-depth of what Synaesthesia is and how it works with your neurology.

Then @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 asks “What Colour am i?” – then makes a joke “I don’t know if this is racist of not…” @MEGSANDIFORD then describes what each of their colours are and brings up an example of what she means.

TIME: 15:26

@MEGSANDIFORD shows @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 a drawing in her book, that she has made, which represents the visuals of what she sees in her head as a person who has Synaesthesia.

TIME 17:00: Relationship with Self

 -The Self

– Soul

– Who we are

– Who we grow into

– Self awareness

@MEGSANDIFORD says we are born into the world and then we have perceptions that are placed onto us however, she goes on to describe that perceptions has a deeper spectrum than we know. Such as, layers of condition that layers that mould our perception such as religion, culture, the society that you’re born into, social economics, genetic makeup and disposition and more…

She then describes an athletic human being and how society looks at you from their stand point of what their perception of a fit person is.

@EBANYKENDALL then gives the analogy of a Racing Horse and how they are made.

They then go onto describe ‘THE HALO EFFECT’ something that @DIOGOTHEFIVE8 has never heard about. Males that are better looking may earn up to 15% more than other males that aren’t so good looking.

TIME: 25:05 – Touching on the framework

@DIOGOTHEFIVE8 asks @MEGSANDIFORD about her framework she has been working on to help people align their living being, that may be at a stage which rely on others approval, with their actual being. The person who they truly are.

TIME:  28:04 – Mainstream Education

The Mainstream education system is relatively new, as @MEGSANDIFORD explains.


@DIOGOTHEFIVE8, after speaking about a particular drink that Liv said increases testosterone (which he mentions and you can find at any supermarket), he then explains why the Episode with Liv San

TIME: 32:10

@DIOGOTHEFIVE8 discusses how he has started to drink prune juice after the @LIVSCANLAN episode. She explained that Prune Juicy has a lot of benefits for Males, some that you can find here:

TIME 36:00

@DIOGOTHEFIVE8 asks @MEGSANDIFOR if here frame work goes against “society’s” norm and will “society” hit back.

@MEGSANDIFORD gives a Sex worker analogy followed by a bubble tea analogy (bubble tea she is drinking) breaking it all down for @DIOGOTHEFIIVE8

TIME 44:05

They begin to discuss Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and his relationship with @EBANYKENDALL

TIME 46:02

Why does the spiritual world look up to Elephants?

TIME 51:00

Are you religious @MEGSANDIFORD?

Meg then begins to discuss the Mormon religion, her connection to the church and where her religious path began to change.



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TIME: 1hour.

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