TF8T ep#072: AKASHIC DADDY (America is in Shambles)

Today we have a special guest by the name of AKASHIC DADDY. He used to work in the fashion industry with models and celebrities, a lifestyle he has now left, but he is still passionate about international pop culture and sociology which we will further break down in this episode. 

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Unfortunately, we have now received a second strike on YouTube, one more and the entire account is gone! 

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(0:00) – talking about Mi-goes and sporting 
(01:40) – not being competitive 
(02:30) – is this Life a simulation
(04:00) – films that relate to Jay
(06:30) – how films in the 90 that Jay watched gave him another perspective about youth Culture
(07:45) – Jay growing up in New Caledonia 
(12:30) – France secularism
(14:00) – OCD issues Banter
(17:00) – Multiculturalism vs Assimilation 
(22:40) – cultural appropriation
(30:00) – there is a way to get to utopia 
(37:45) – Fauci should be trialled for COVID
(39:30) – Fauci not coming out with the truth
(40:00) – the war on lab-leak
(44:00) – dissecting the COVID from Wuhan labs from Fauci support
(49:00) – Science  and using it to change people minds
(52:50) – 26th June Alien day
(55:00) – how can we welcome Aliens when they come out
(59:00) – do you believe in a god? Then where do you get a free will from?
(01:00:10) – infringing in the Universal Law
(01:03:10) – knowing your own belief systems 
(01:05:07) – kamal Harris “going to the border”
(01:09:00) – Kamal Harris “hasn’t been to Europe but we have been to the border”….but she has not
(01:15:10) – Religion needs to be redefined  
(01:19:10) – the pyramids 
(01:23:15) – Jay not being religious but being spiritual 
(01:29:10) – TIK TOK and why it’s popular?
(01:34:00) – Alan Watts on God and Religion
(01:43:50) – DIGITAL STREERTS!!! Begins…

TAKE 1: –

TAKE 2: – – gender and sexual talk 

TAKE 3: –

TAKE 4: – – Cannibalism Restaurant in L.A.

(02:39:00) – Outro.

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