TF8T ep#89: Zacharia (Running from Comfort)

Today we are joined by Zacharia. Zac is from the Running From Comfort Podcast, he is a believer in Christ and is passionate about speaking the truth and helping people navigate the world through a Biblical lens. In this episode, we discuss his encounter with Police that saw his interaction being Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience. We break down passages of the Bible, discuss the Christian faith, Sleep Paralysis, and much more!


(0:00) – Introduction.
(0:53) – Discussing Diets and Foods
(2:52) – Showing the New studio & Thanking LoanOption.AI providing it! 
(3:35) – Getting Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience and what was going through his mind when Melbourne Police Stopped him to shake his coffee cup.
(11:20) – The word “Jesus” Stirs up conviction in people. This is what Zac found when speaking the name of Jesus to the Police in Melbourne during the harshest lockdowns.
(13:10) – Zac discusses ‘come as you are’ – an outdoor church built from within the lockdown of Melbourne. You get a message 2 days before of location.
(20:24) – “How Christians won” – The significance of Jesus in History.
(22:30) – The division within the Abrahamic Faith & ‘The New Age’
(29:20) – Zac’s entry intro Christianity & the difference between Faith & Belief.
(37:06) – Discussing Sleep Paralysis and Praying in Toungues.
(56:15) – The Story of Peter in the book of Acts.
(1:08:10) – The Gentils and the Rejection of Jesus from the Jewish People.
(1:12:02) – Why are Religious Poeple given new Names?
(1:13:43) – OUTRO. 

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